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CanadaBoi Posted1 2 years ago The bad news just keeps on coming for Europe's largest economy, Germany. Already we know that the German economy contracted in 0.1% in the second quarter. But mounting evidence now suggests that the third quarter will offer a repeat performance of declining output. If that happens the country would officially be in a recession, which is generally defined as two back-to-back quarters of negative growth. A recent report from London-based research company Capital Economics highlights the new information: Data released earlier today reinforced the impression that Germany’s economy is losing momentum. The 2.2% m/m fall in German retail sales in July suggests that household spending, which barely rose in Q2, will not offer much support for the economy in the current quarter either. Or put another way, consumer spending, which accounts for around half the German economy is faltering.

LilMan 2 years ago

man...just seems to be betting worse and worse