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BondBeast Posted1 3 years ago

any guys interested?? JAN2019 should give plenty time see article here

CaptainJack7 3 years ago

a lil pullback today, but next few weeks ought be good...i feel canopy is waiting on a big deal announcement down the pipeline

BondBeast 3 years ago

well guys, @canadaboi, @Dexter, @Captainjack7 ..buckle up! Its going to be quite the ride from now till end of year!!

CanadaBoi 3 years ago

ohh, looks like i missed this one!

BondBeast 3 years ago

hey guys @matrxmanipulator , @Canadaboi, @balleballeboy, @captainjack7 ...up to grab a unit of CANOPY CALL OPION? Quick play as we continue to ride the momentum..