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OptionPirate111 Posted1 3 years ago

really hoping this article rings true...and SOON!! Bank stocks could be in a position to do well in 2018. Several factors are contributing to the health of the banking sector. The Fed raised interest rates 3 times in 2017, which will improve margins for banks. Some de-regulation may hit the industry due to the Trump administration in the White House. The economy is also recovering, and banks may be in the mood to loan money again, meaning more profits. We have selected four bank stocks to consider for 2018. They were selected based on whether they are currently in an uptrend and whether they pay a sustained dividend. All figures are current as of February 9, 2018. Bank of America Corporation (BAC BAC Bank of America Corp 27.92 +0.50% ) Bank of America continues to receive upgrades from analysts in terms of earnings expectations and target price. This is one of the big banks, with offices across the globe. It is involved in consumer banking, wealth management, global banking, and investments. The chart shows that this stock has been in a sustained uptrend since July of 2016, although it has dipped slightly in the early months of 2018. This may be a base, and the stock could break upward out of this base. Its 50-day moving average is currently above the 200-day moving average, which is a bullish sign. The company has been beating analysts’ earnings estimates consistently.